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The road to success

Our films are winning awards and our participants are getting hired.

Photo credit: Gace Novak
Charlotte Purser, Actor

"I loved every second of this project! It was amazing to see a group of strangers come together as a team so instantly and work so hard to create something meaningful. I look forward to teaming up with these ladies again and again as our careers progress!"

Photo credit: Grace Novak

"The Women's Weekend Film Challenge was an amazing experience! I got to meet collaborators outside of my current network, get first-hand experience of different roles on set, create a new credit for my resume, and showcase how incredible an all-female cast/crew can be. "

Molly McGaughey,

"​Not only would it have cost me thousands of dollars to produce something of this caliber, the network, community and friendships gained from this challenge are completely priceless."


"Despite the natural challenge of creating a film in just a weekend, I've never worked on such a collaborative, supportive set. I'm so proud of what we created and feel so fortunate to have met so many incredibly talented and driven women."

Daniella Tudela, Gaffer

"I was truly impressed by the level of quality and skill I saw. Moreover, I was surprised to feel a strong sense of community amongst more than a hundred strangers."

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All of our films get posters and IMDb credits to help with festival submissions.