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WWFC virtual events spring and summer 20

Virtual Events

We're bringing the top women of Hollywood to you

WWFC virtual events spring and summer 20

Our virtual events provide career development opportunities to filmmakers around the world. With donation-based tickets, we’re removing financial barriers to the industry and providing access to advice and feedback from the top women of Hollywood.

Event tickets are non-refundable, and we do not release the full recordings of the events, so the only way to see the whole event is to register and watch it live! 


While the best way to experience our workshops is live, there are several ways to enjoy these past events. Visit our YouTube channel and Instagram account  to watch highlights or join our Patreon at the visionary level or higher to watch select full recordings. 

You can watch the full recordings of these workshops on our Patreon at the visionary level or higher:

Highlights from the following events are available on our YouTube channel and on our Instagram account. Many of these workshops will become available on Patreon eventually!

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