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Our intensive, virtual courses give you the guidance, support and community you need to reach your goals in a meaningful time frame. Whether you're tackling a first draft or finessing a writing sample, we have a comprehensive curriculum to meet you where you are and bring you across the finish line. It's time to invest in your future. Join our vibrant community of talented women and non-binary creatives and get ready to make waves in the industry. 

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Introducing our newest course: Revise a Pilot in 30 Days

Do you have a draft of a TV pilot script, and you’re not sure how to get started on rewriting, revising and polishing?


Spend 30 days revising your pilot script with us! We’ll send you daily coursework to give your revision process structure and guidance. Plus, connect with your fellow writers during weekly virtual meetups and on our forum. If you’re looking for a feedback or accountability buddy, we’ll be offering opportunities to connect one-on-one with other participants to exchange notes.

Want to purchase this course for someone else as a gift? Gift cards are now available! 

Haven't written your draft yet?


Don't worry, we have a course for you! Our Write a Pilot in 30 Days course will help you brainstorm ideas, create characters, build out a series, and get a completed draft done.

Make sure to join the waitlist to be notified when we are offering this popular course again.

"I would highly recommend this course to aspiring TV & film writers/creatives. The daily prompts helped me push past writer’s block, and the meetups helped offer diverse perspectives. One of the best investments in my creative career. I have a framework now for my pilot, which gave me the direction I needed to move forward with bringing my idea one step closer to reality." 

- Jordan Taylor

Why did we create these courses?

We've been running another of our programs, our pilot accelerator for emerging TV writers, for two years now. Through the pilot accelerator, our team has read more than 1,300 pilot scripts — meaning that we've seen what truly captures a reader's attention and what best sets up a series.

We've also sat in on over 100 pitch meetings where our pilot accelerator fellows pitched their series to major companies like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Warner Bros., and more. We've heard the questions that execs ask about the overall structure and direction of a series, and we want writers to build this out before spending months or years writing their scripts.

If we are truly going to help our community break into the industry, we need to help creatives get their ideas on paper, and then help them turn those
drafts into a polished script.

We hear from so many writers that they miss out on opportunities because they didn’t feel like their script was quite ready to submit by a certain deadline. In some cases, their scripts gathered dust for years, and they didn’t get to reap any of the rewards of their months spent conceptualizing and writing their projects.

With our highly structured courses, we ensure that writers reach their goals and use their time wisely.

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