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Our signature film challenge

Expand your network while creating a polished short film in one weekend.

Accepted participants are placed on crews and work with women and nonbinary filmmakers in every role of production. It's FREE to apply and participate, and we provide cinema-quality equipment courtesy of our sponsors, production insurance, stipends to submit to film fests and more! 

The films made during the film challenge have been accepted into over 100 film festivals. More importantly, past participants careers accelerate after this program due to the connections they make during the challenge.


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It's FREE to apply to and participate in the challenge!
We provide:


Cinema-quality gear


A new network

Women's Weekend Film Challenge - Vanessa Clifton (small group).tif

Production insurance


Orientations and training

Sandoval - Lea Pfandler - #058.jpg

A complete crew


A premiere screening

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the film challenge is free to apply to and participate in and each crew will be provided with complete cinema-quality gear packages. Our sponsors include: