Change how the world sees women.

Help advance the careers of hundreds of women in film by keeping Women's Weekend Film Challenge free for participants. Your donation will:

  • Give hundreds of talented women a career-changing opportunity;

  • Transform filmmakers' professional networks;

  • Increase the visibility of women on screen, which in turn shapes young girls' perceptions of what they can become;

  • Break down the financial barriers that women face in the film industry. We provide everything filmmakers need to create a cinema-quality film, including top-of-the-line equipment, production insurance and stipends to submit to film festivals — all of which can be prohibitively expensive for independent filmmakers; and

  • Keep Women's Weekend Film Challenge sustainable to bring this transformative program to hundreds more women in every role of film production.

The Women's Weekend Film Challenge is fiscally sponsored by Pitch Her Productions, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women in film.

Your donations are tax deductible. Our fiscal sponsor, Pitch Her Productions, handles all donations and accounting. If you make a donation, you will receive a receipt from Pitch Her Productions. ​
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Want to support us on a monthly basis?

Join our Patreon community! If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a way to show your ongoing support for an organization that you find meaningful and impactful. You can pledge a monthly donation at the tier of your choice, unlocking exclusive perks.


Perks include access each month to a select recording of a past workshop or WWFC short film, behind-the-scenes content, writing prompts, discount codes and so much more! 


Why pledge a monthly donation rather than a one-time gift? When we know how many donations to expect each month, we’re able to better budget and focus our energies on what we do best: imagining a better industry for voices currently underrepresented on screen. With tiers starting at just $5 a month, this is a budget-friendly option for those of you who want to ensure that women's voices are heard.