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Apply for our signature film challenge

Applications for the NYC 2022 film challenge are closed. If a producer from the film challenge is bringing you on to their crew, please fill out this form and in the first choice roll, select the role that they assigned to you. Where it asks "why do you want to join this challenge" make sure to include the producer's name and the crew name.

Women's Weekend Film Challenge is for professional filmmakers who are looking to expand their networks while creating a polished short film in one weekend. It is free to apply and participate. Everyone works together to make the best film possible under a time crunch in a collaborative environment.


We've always gone to great extents to make this film challenge free for participants. But the truth is, it costs over $500 per person to run this extensive program. Because of the ungoing strikes, we donations from individuals have dried up, finacial sponsorships are minnimal and it's not possible for us to receive funding from studios. We ask that you make a donation in whatever amount you can afford to help keep this program free.


Keep in mind that it takes us several weeks to build a team of industry judges to review your application. It then takes two months to carefully review hundreds of applications and consider people for multple roles. Next we create complete crews keeping in mind everyone's aesthetic and worksamples with the hopes that everyone on each crews has similar vibes. 

All this work cannot be done for free! You can choose how much you would like to donate for your application review. We know that some people are limited in funds so we ask that if you are able, please consider a generous donation to help balance it out.

Tips for applying:

We are looking for people who want to network while doing something they love. After the weekend, you will most likely get job referrals from your crewmates. This is why we ask if you're based in LA. If you are moving to LA, or if you routinly travel to LA for work, you can click yes. As part of the challenge, you'll be expected to attend a pre-pro meeting on Oct. 28 or 29, the challenge dates (Nov. 2-Nov. 6), possible be in charge of drop offs on Nov. 7, attend the premiere screening (date tba). This is an extensive experience which is another reason why want you to be local.

You can apply for up to three production roles on this application form. Certain roles are extremely competitive ( for example, we get over 200 applications for the role of director and there are only 6 slots). If your goal is to participate in the film challenge and gain a professional network from this experience, we suggest applying for multiple roles (as long as you are qualified for those roles). However, if you only want to participate in a particular role, please only select that role. We do not want anyone on the crew who is unhappy to be there!

If you're applying as a writer, please upload a 2-page sample of your screenwriting (no cover page). Include your full name in the file name. This sample can be an excerpt from a longer piece, but anything longer than 2 pages will not be considered. Make sure that it is a PDF and that it follows standard screenwriting format. We are looking for a character introduction, some action and a good sense of dialogue. Reminder: No pre-existing scripts will be used for this challenge. If you are accepted, you will be placed on a crew with another writer and you will write a new script for the challenge. All writers are expected to attend the writer orientation.

If you are applying as a Producer (Team leader), this is the most critical role. The team leader acts as the liason between her crew and Women's Weekend Film Challenge. Team leaders will be chosen after an additional phone interview. After the weekend is over, team leaders will be in charge of deliverables due Tuesday, Nov. 7 and will be in charge of submitting to festivals (with provided stipends), getting the film on IMDb, etc. You must be highly organized, a natural leader, a great communicator and have producing experience.


If you apply as a director, DP, actor, editor, and or writer, you will be asked to submit work samples. Those samples will be reviewed by a team of industry judges. If you are submitting for three roles that require work sample review, please consider donating more to cover the additional time it takes to review your application. 

Apply for the Film Challenge
I am based primarily within the greater Los Angeles area and will be located in LA during the pre-pro meeting, challenge weekend, and screening.
Are you available for the ENTIRE challenge
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Thank you for applying! We’ll be in touch.

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