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Write a Pilot in 30 Days

This May, you are finally going to write that TV pilot script!


Course dates: May 1 - May 31

Final deadline to register: April 30 

Why don’t people finish their pilot scripts even when they have a great idea? It’s because they are lacking something: structure, deadlines, community and/or confidence. We designed this unique course to address those needs so that you can reach your goals no matter what.

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What does the course look like?

When you register, you’ll immediately gain access to a workbook that will help you brainstorm and pin down an idea — so don’t let a lack of a concept get in your way! 

Starting May 1, you’ll receive daily coursework straight to your inbox throughout the month guiding you through the planning, plotting, and writing process. These emails will include in-depth exercises and helpful worksheets to strengthen your plot, characters, and pitch. If you follow the steps laid out in the program, by the end of May, you’ll have a complete first draft of your pilot!

You won't be on your own in this process: Throughout the month, we will have virtual meetings open to all participants where you can can network, receive feedback, bounce ideas off one another, and gain accountability. These virtual meetings are tentatively scheduled for May 4, 15, 23 and 31 (exact times will be announced soon).

You’ll also be invited to join our private forum with other participating writers. Here, you can network share the ups and downs of the writing process, celebrate milestones, and find people to trade notes with.

What you'll get out of this course

  • A complete first draft — it may be messy, but you’ll have gotten the hardest part out of the way and can edit later

  • A full plan for your series as a whole

  • Characters, themes, season and series arcs, tone, look and feel — all of the raw components you’ll need to put together a pitch and pitch deck down the road

  • A community of like-minded writers

  • A plotting and writing process that you can return to in the future

  • Access to select past virtual events pertaining to TV writing

  • A 20% off code to submit to our next pilot accelerator — given to every writer who completes the course

Why did we create this course?

We've been running another of our programs, our pilot accelerator for emerging TV writers, for two years now. Through the pilot accelerator, our team has read more than 1,300 pilot scripts — meaning that we've seen what truly captures a reader's attention and what best sets up a series.

We've also sat in on over 100 pitch meetings where our pilot accelerator fellows pitched their series to major companies like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Warner Bros., and more. We've heard the questions that execs ask about the overall structure and direction of a series, and we want writers to build this out before spending months or years writing their scripts.

Writers spend so much time crafting their stories, and we want to help writers use their time wisely so that they end up with a fantastic sample that really shows off their skills!

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