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Write a Pilot in 30 Days

Write a Pilot in 30 Days

Through this unique program, you'll receive daily coursework and motivation to help you write a TV pilot script in 30 days. Participants will gain access to exclusive virtual meetups and a community of like-minded writers via an online forum.


What you’ll get out of this program:

  • A complete first draft 

  • A full plan for your series as a whole

  • Characters, themes, season and series arcs, tone, look and feel — all of the raw components you’ll need to put together a pitch and pitch deck down the road

  • A community of like-minded writers

  • A plotting and writing process that you can return to in the future

  • A 20% off code to submit to our next pilot accelerator — given to every writer who completes the course

  • Access to select past virtual events pertaining to TV writing


When you make your purchase, you will immediatly be sent a download link for the brainstorming workbook and a link to join the forum. At the beginning of the month, you will receive a daily email with the coursework.

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