Leslie has been working with non-profit organizations and their senior management teams for more than 30 years, first as an attorney and then as the long-time head of BRIC, the Brooklyn arts institution. During her 13-year tenure, BRIC’s budget grew from $3.7M to $15.8M, and BRIC launched numerous new initiatives including BRIC TV, BRIC Lab, a renowned youth media education initiative, and BRIC Workspace, all of which are intended to invest in artists and media-makers.

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We first met Nicole during the inaugural Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, when she worked as a PA on the short film noir “That Very Evening.” Then, in September, she worked on the mystery short “And So It Is” as a writer and sound mixer! When she’s not working on the film challenge, she works in film as a writer, director and sound mixer. We’re so excited to have her on board!

Screenwriting Panel

Because we get so many awesome people applying to be screenwriters on our challenges, we enlist the help of past participants to read the submissions and make recommendations. Each application for a screenwriter postition is read by at least two panelists and then scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Tracy and Katrina then take those recommendations and make the final decisions and crew placements.


Due to the high volume of applications, the window for applying runs from March 1 to March 10. Role assignments are announced by March 20.

March 1-10

RED Workshop

A special workshop by RED for DPs, ACs, DITS, editors, assistant editors and producers to go over the equipment and workflow for the challenge.

March 27, 7-10pm

Pre-Pro Meeting

All participants are expected to attend the pre-pro meeting to meet the team and discuss production. This will be in Brooklyn, a 2-hour slot between 12-5pm.

March 30

The Challenge

The challenge begins at 6 p.m.,  4/4, when all the teams are assigned a genre and a required prop. The completed film must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., 4/7.

April 4-7


We'll be screening all of the completed films at the Museum of Moving Image with an after party at George's. Free for participants.

April 18

Out of 1,100 films in the last ten years, only 43 were directed by women.*

Help Change this

Women's Weekend Film Challenge improves the representation of women behind and in front of the camera by creating and supporting film crews with women in every role.

Prospective participants can apply via a short online form. They will rank up to four roles they are able to fulfill in order of interest. For example, one prospective participant might list cinematographer as her first choice, lighting as her second choice, and assistant camera as her third choice if she has experience in all of those roles.​​ We will try to place her in the best role we see fit. If her first choice is writer and her second choice is script supervisor, we will try to place her in both of those roles.

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