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Round Two: Our Second Film Challenge

In August of 2018, we opened applications for the second Women's Weekend Film Challenge. Out of an applicant pool of over 300 women, 206 women were selected and placed on eight film crews. The eight film crews had between 20 and 26 women filling the roles of directors, producers, actors, DPs, ACs, ADs, PAs, art directors, graphic designers, gaffers, recordists, editors and more.

Each of the teams was named after these successful and inspiring female directors: Kathryn Bigelow, Jane Campion, Ava DuVernay, Deniz Erguven, Greta Gerwig, Karyn Kusama, and Dee Rees.

On Thursday, September 20, each team received a different genre (pulled out of a hat) and an object they had to include in their film (a stuffed animal). By Sunday, September 23, all eight crews submitted their completed films by the midnight deadline. These completed films were screened in front of a sold out audience at Anthology Film Archives the following Saturday, September 29.

The eight films made during this challenge are now in the festival submission process.​

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