Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for the accelerator

Does it matter where I live?

This program takes place virtually and is open to anyone no matter where they reside. The hours of the program are based on U.S. time zones, and you must be able to attend all events.

Can writing partners submit?

Yes, writing partners can submit. If accepted, both writers must attend all events. We will not accept writing teams of more than two people.

What kind of pilot script are you looking for?

We are looking for completed, scripted, live-action pilot scripts in any genre. No documentaries, specs, films, short films, partial drafts, web series, or animated series will be accepted. All submissions must be in English.

How long or short should my pilot be?

Many studios and production companies are looking for half-hour comedies and/or hour-long dramas, but there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules. In terms of script length, generally, one page equals one minute of screen time. However, your pilot script may end up longer as some pilots contain more description than the average script to set the scene.

May I submit more than one pilot script?

Yes. Each submission must be in a separate application with its own application fee.

I have a fully produced pilot episode that I’m trying to sell. Can I submit that in lieu of a script?

We are only looking for TV pilot scripts, not produced episodes.

Who will be reading my script?

All applications will be reviewed by the WWFC team and our readers. Semi-finalists’ scripts will be read by industry judges listed on the website, many of whom are looking to hire and refer writers to rooms in the future. Those judges will help our team select finalists to interview. We will choose 6 to 8 fellows out of those finalists.

Is there any way to receive notes or feedback on my submission?

No. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of submissions, our team is unable to provide any sort of notes, feedback or critique on any submission.

If I’m a semi-finalist, will you let me know which industry judges have read my pilot?

No, we are not able to share which judges have read which projects. At the semi-finalist level, each script will be read by two industry judges.

I would love to contact one of the judges. Can you connect me with them?

As a policy, we will not share contact information of our judges, nor can we connect applicants with them or pass along any messages on applicants’ behalf. Please do not contact any of our judges about your application.

Can I apply if I already have representation (agent, manager, lawyer)?


Who can apply?

Anyone over 18 who has a completed pilot that falls within our guidelines is eligible to apply. Our script guidelines are as follows: We are looking for completed, scripted, live-action pilot scripts in any genre. No documentaries, specs, films, short films, partial drafts, web series, or animated series will be accepted. All submissions must be in English.

What am I required to submit on my FilmFreeway application?

Before you begin applying, you’ll need to create a FilmFreeway account. Under “My Projects,” click “Add Project” and upload your full pilot script as a PDF. Within that project profile, make sure to add your writer bio and your website. If there are two writers, please add both bios. Then, when you click “Submit Now” on WWFC’s Pilot Accelerator application page, you will be asked to select which project you are applying with. You will also need to answer a few brief questions to complete your application.

About the accelerator

What will the schedule be like if I'm accepted into the accelerator?

If you are accepted into the program as a fellow, you will be notified in the first week of September. You will have approximately 2 weeks to read the other fellows’ pilots and watch several recorded workshops before the program begins. Additional work may be assigned to fellows to complete within these 2 weeks. Our accelerator program takes place on Thursdays and Fridays (Sept. 16, 17, 23, 24 and 30, and Oct. 1). As of now, the times for these sessions are set for 3 - 6 p.m. Pacific / 6 - 9 p.m. Eastern. These exact times are subject to change. Fellows will pitch their pilots to studio executives, production companies and producers between Oct. 6 and 8. The exact time of these virtual pitches will be assigned closer to the date. These pitch meetings are dictated by the schedules of execs and producers, so they may take place at any time of day Oct. 6 through 8, and potentially in the days before or after. Fellows must keep their schedule flexible during this time.
This is an intensive time commitment, and there will be lots of work to do outside of the sessions. Please only apply if you are eager to commit fully to this schedule.

How much does the accelerator cost?

All applicants must pay a submission fee to apply. Application fees range depending on when you submit. The accepted fellows will participate in the program at no cost.

What is the difference between a finalist and a fellow?

If you make it to the finalist round, that means that you received an incredibly high score from our industry judges — congrats! All finalists will go through an interview on Zoom as the last stage of the competition. Out of that group of finalists, 6-8 fellows will be selected. These fellows are the official participants of the accelerator program and will have a chance to pitch to studio execs and producers at the end of the program.

Logistical questions

I submitted for this program, but now my schedule conflicts with the program dates. What should I do?

Please let us know if you are no longer able to be present for all program dates, as we want to ensure that we are advancing the applications of only those who could participate if selected. You will be much more likely to advance through our future programs if you notify us of any conflicts that will prohibit you from fully participating in this program.

Am I required to submit any further materials if I make it to the semi-final or final rounds?

No, but we will reach out to the final contenders to schedule short interviews via video call before selecting the fellows.

How and when will I be notified of my acceptance? Will I be notified if I’m not accepted?

You will be notified via email through FilmFreeway of any changes to your status (if your application has been rejected or if you have moved to the next round). If you are a semi-finalist, your script will be read by industry judges. You will be notified through FilmFreeway by mid-August if you are a semi-finalist. The next level is finalist. If you make it to the finalist round, you will be notified via email through FilmFreeway by late August, and will have to respond within 24 hours to choose a Zoom interview date between Aug. 26-27. The fellows, those who will attend our three-week program and pitch to studio executives, will be announced in the first week of September. The fellows will be notified at least one day before the public announcement so that they can officially accept the fellowship, confirm that they will be in attendance for all program dates, and sign the participant contract.

If I’m accepted as a fellow, will I pitch to all studios, production companies and producers who have signed on to hear pitches?

No, you will not be pitching to everyone on board. Your pilot will not be a good fit for every single studio, production company and producer signed on to hear pitches — for example, if you wrote a drama and they are only looking to develop comedies. Each studio, production company and producer who is on board will receive the loglines of all of the fellows’ pilots. They will select at least three pitches to hear. This ensures that we respect the time of everyone who is signed on to hear pitches and that your pitch is only being heard by people who are actually interested, which means there’s a higher likelihood of your meeting(s) being successful.

How long will the pitch meetings take?

Each pitch meeting will be scheduled for 20 minutes, with about 10 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes for you to answer questions.

Where does this accelerator take place?

This program will operate entirely online. Workshop sessions and pitches will be hosted through Zoom. You must have a reliable internet connection and video/audio capacity.

Legal questions

Do I retain the rights to my material?

Yes, all applicants and accepted fellows retain the rights to their material. If a fellow sells this pilot, WWFC will receive acknowledgement in the credits and will publicly promote the accelerator’s role in the pilot’s development and sale.

Why do I need to sign a submission waiver?

All parties who will read scripts and hear pitches — including WWFC, script judges, production companies, studios, and program guests — are working in the industry and may already have similar projects in development. Submission waivers allow these parties to see your work without jeopardizing their own projects. You will be signing a submission waiver that is standard for the industry.

How can I protect my idea?

It is always a good idea to register your script with the WGA. We do not post any submitted materials online or share application materials publicly. We will only share your work with our trusted team of readers and judges.

What happens if I sell my pilot through this program?

If you sell your pilot through this program, congratulations! We have an entertainment lawyer connected with our program who can answer some of your legal questions as you look over contracts, and you can certainly get your own representation on board at this stage to negotiate. As you probably already know, not every pilot that is sold is aired, produced or even developed further, but no matter what, selling a pilot is a huge step in your career. If a fellow sells a pilot that has been workshoped through our program, WWFC will receive acknowledgement in the credits and will publicly promote the accelerator’s role in the pilot’s development and sale.

Still have more questions?

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